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Areas of criminal defense expertise:

We are former prosecutors who seek to provide honest answers to tough questions that our clients ask after they are charged with criminal offenses such as DWI/DUI, drug crimes, violent crimes such as homicide, property crimes, sex crimes and juvenile crimes.


You'll appreciate our direct approach to your criminal case. We offer a caring and compassionate setting that you'll feel comfortable in.


Always know that we are on your side, no matter the details surrounding your case, we're here for you.


• Murder / Homicide

• Manslaughter

• Aggravated crimes:

  - aggravated assault

  - aggravated kidnapping

  - aggravated sexual assault

• Theft crimes:

  - aggravated robbery

  - burglary

  - theft

• Sex crimes


• Drug offenses

• Juvenile offenses

• Expunction / Nondisclosure

• Probation violation / Probation revocation

• Motion to revoke probation

• Assaulted offenses

• Misdemeanors

• Felonies

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Are you facing criminal charges? Call our experienced attorneys today:

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To schedule an initial consultation with an experienced criminal attorney in the Houston, Texas, area and beyond, contact Ibrahim & Elliott, LLP. No matter what the facts and circumstances behind a criminal arrest, there are very often alternatives to trial, including plea bargains. When a criminal case needs to go to trial, however, our lawyers are ready to vigorously defend our clients' rights at every stage of the criminal justice process.


Consequences of a criminal conviction may include loss of one's driver's license, loss of one's job and/or future career options, loss of the right to own or possess a gun, loss of eligibility for food stamps, student loans or other government aid, loss of freedom to travel abroad at will, and loss of immigration status such as legal residency in the U.S. for noncitizens.


Ibrahim & Elliott, LLP, is prepared to handle violent crimes as well as property crimes with boldness and confidence. We have defended more than 40 people charged with murder. Our criminal defense clients have enjoyed a very high success rate, with results including case dismissal, reduction of charges, reduction of penalties and restitution/rehabilitation agreements in place of jail.

Has your child been charged with a criminal offense?

Juvenile offenses punishable by law include the same crimes that adults are charged with, such as assault, burglary, or drug possession or trafficking, as well as status offenses that are particular to young people (underage drinking or truancy, for example).


If your child or teenager in the Houston, Texas, area has been charged with delinquency or any other legal wrongdoing, contact an experienced juvenile defense attorney at the law offices of Ibrahim & Elliott, LLP. He or she may be tried in a juvenile court, and if convicted, may be required to serve time in a juvenile detention center. In some cases, a teenager may be certified to stand trial as an adult.


Attorneys at Ibrahim & Elliott, LLP, have extensive experience in juvenile law. Among our lawyers' qualifications are the fact that we have taught college-level juvenile law courses; we have taken many juvenile cases to jury trials; and we have helped young people who had been convicted of crimes to have their records cleared or sealed at age 18 or 21.


When we take on a new juvenile defense case, we begin as with any crime by thoroughly investigating the circumstances of the young person's initial encounter with law enforcement officers, from the initial detention all the way up to arrest. Sometimes, improper actions by the police allow for dismissal of charges. We have succeeded in convincing the district attorney to drop cases against many past clients. When we cannot get the case dismissed, we explore all other alternatives to a plea or trial.


In many cases, a solution may be found short of trial. Often this includes exploring alternative solutions such as young offenders agreeing to take anti-theft and anger-management classes or participating in substance abuse treatment or delinquency rehabilitation programs.


We have helped young

people who had been convicted of crimes to have their records cleared or sealed

at age 18 or 21.


Is your child in some form of legal trouble? Get in touch with us today for help:

When your child is charged with a crime as a juvenile you cannot put their future in the hands of just any criminal defense attorney.  Juvenile law carries with it its own unique set of rules and procedures most  criminal lawyers are unfamiliar with.  The biggest mistake a parent can make is to hire a criminal attorney with no or little knowledge of juvenile law.  


Unlike when an adult is charged with a crime, a juvenile charged with a crime needs an attorney who specializes in juvenile law.  Not all criminal lawyers have the background and knowledge to handle juvenile cases.   The lawyers at Ibrahim & Elliott have  specialized training and experience in handling juvenile cases.    


The lawyers at Ibrahim & Elliott are fathers and have a sincere appreciation for the long term consequences a juvenile adjudication can have on a child.  

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