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As career criminal defense attorneys, the lawyers of Ibrahim & Elliott, LLP in Houston, Texas, have handled thousands of cases involving drug-related charges such as the following: possession, manufacture, distribution, or trafficking of marijuana, cocaine or heroin. If you or your teenage son or daughter has been charged with a drug crime in east Texas, contact us by phone or e-mail.


No matter what the facts or circumstances are behind your narcotics possession, manufacturing or delivering arrest, you have rights that we are prepared to protect on your behalf.

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Often, when we investigate drug cases, we learn that law enforcement officers do not have sufficient probable cause to search a client who faces drug charges. Perhaps the police stopped an alleged offender on bogus pretenses, such as the existence of a cracked tail-light or jaywalking — and inappropriately conducted a search for drugs in a vehicle or on the person.


As former assistant district attorneys with more than 30 years' combined experience, we know how to hold the feet of the prosecution to the fire. We insist on the state's obligation to prove a defendant's guilt beyond the shadow of a doubt. The prosecution must demonstrate that proper procedures are followed by police in the process of search and seizure, and that the accused is guilty of charges as articulated by the state's case.


In drug charge cases as well as in other areas of criminal law, personal injury law , we are prepared to represent people of many different ethnic backgrounds. Our clients often include Spanish speakers and Arabic speakers. Together with our devoted support staff, our attorneys give personal attention to each drug charge case that we handle.