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A DWI/DUI arrest is often the first occasion that many people encounter law enforcement. It is a frightening and humiliating event in many cases. An astute DWI/DUI defense lawyer understands common police errors in traffic stops, unreliable field sobriety tests (including Breathalyzer tests), and the various circumstances of DWI/DUI stops and arrests. For the best likelihood of a favorable outcome after a drunk driving arrest, contact a DWI/DUI defense attorney at Ibrahim & Elliott, LLP.


At the law offices of Ibrahim & Elliott, LLP, serving Houston, Galveston, and surrounding areas, we are experienced former assistant district attorneys. We zealously represent people charged with DWI/DUI.

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You have 15 days including date of arrest to save your license from suspension!

While we would like the opportunity to advise our clients ahead of time in the event they are stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, we nearly always meet our clients after the fact. They may have made mistakes in their response to police. They may not have realized that everything they said was being recorded.


Even in difficult cases, we have had success defending many clients charged with drunk driving. Our DWI/DUI defense lawyers have helped clients prevent or reverse license suspension or revocation. We work hard to protect the rights and freedom of all our criminal defense clients, including people charged with drunk driving.


Did the police thoroughly and correctly inform you of your legal rights when you were stopped on suspicion of driving drunk? Contact a Texas DWI/DUI defense lawyer to schedule an initial consultation and preliminary case analysis.


Have someone in your corner evaluating your case and watching out for your rights as soon as possible after a drunk driving arrest.